You could be a candidate

Use a test, get the right human resources : As a company or placement consultancy, you have a continuous need for diverse human talent. In the competitive world of today, it is a challenge to identify the right people and to correctly assess their competencies to fit the said role. A wrong decision often costs the company heavily in terms of money, time and effort. It not only affects productivity but also employee morale. With TYS, you can have access to a variety of tests that can help you assess your candidates. You can use the tests on the portal to identify manpower for your clients. While you can use the ready or customized tests to identify the best human resources for your company at optimum time and cost considerations, you can also formulate your own tests.

To sum up, as a recruiter you can:

  • Create tests to suit your specific requirements.
  • Buy tests created by subject matter experts on TYS.
  • Assess your candidates for the required role in the organization.


  • You can create tests according to your specific requirements.
  • You can get tests tailor-made for a fee from subject matter experts.
  • You can assess the competencies of applicants as per your personalized parameters.
  • Your search for the right human resources becomes more focused with fewer chances of wrong decisions.
  • It saves your company’s costs and time.