5 Exams Which Benefit by Professional Skills Tests

Professional skills tests are beneficial in multiple ways. They help in saving quite a lot of time, efforts and of course, money for both the candidate as well as the employer. The fact that online skills tests are available free on cost on websites like www.testurskills.com is another cherry on the cake.


With the world stepping onto digital platforms at such a fast pace, it is safe to say that online tests are the future of recruitment tests, entrance tests, skills tests and basically any kind of test that was physically taken with a pen and paper and then accessed by a teacher to reveal the knowledge of the student.


Today online tests cater to a number of exams and tests. The five important ones are:


  1. ACT Test: The American College Testing or ACT exam as commonly known comprises of four major segments, viz. English, math, reading and science.


The first 45 minutes are reserved for English which has rhetorical, mechanics and word usage questions. The readiness for English is generally eighteen however the average score is expected to be 20.8 or higher. Math contains trigonometry (of ninth and tenth grade), pre-algebra (elementary and intermediate), and geometry (standard and co-ordinate). Math contains sixty questions with a time of sixty minutes. An average of 21 or 22 is required to clear the math section.

Reading is basically based on comprehension knowledge. In case of the reading segment of the exam, one is required to answer forty multiple choice questions in thirty five minutes. The average score for reading is 21.4 and above. Science features strong reading and science skills. A time span of thirty five minutes is allotted for forty reading questions.


The ACT test is designed in a way to determine your knowledge against a batch of high school students.


  1. GED Test: General Educational Development or GED contains math i.e. basically percentage problems, variables, linear inequalities etc. while language arts contains questions on multicultural and ethnic backgrounds, gender, socioeconomic groups and diverse ages. Science focuses on technology and tools and the last section, social science features on major historic documents like independence, constitution, voting, public rights etc.


  1. PSAT/ NMSQT Test: PSAT/ NMSQT or Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is generally taken to determine a students’ ability to do college work. Out of its five sections, two are for verbal reasoning skills, two for mathematics and one for writing skills.


  1. COOP/HSPT Test: TheCooperative Admissions Examination Program (COOP) and the High School Placement Test are critical examinations. COOP focuses on science, mechanical aptitude and catholic religion while HSPT comprise of mathematical problems, reading comprehensions, vocabulary questions, spelling and grammatical terms.


  1. LSAT Test: Law School Admission Test or LSAT test contains five sets of multiple choice questions and one essay question. It basically covers logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, reading comprehension and an experimental section.


Thus, professional skills tests are important and help to sharpens one’s skills for important online exams. One can also take several mock tests and question papers available on online testing websites for practice before appearing for a big test.