Professional skills tests best-kept secret things you should know

While the concept of taking an online skills test is not rare these days, there are only a handful of features that most people are aware of. However, taking a professional skills test goes much beyond that.


Not so much as an entity, the entire idea of taking a test to determine your skills is essential in every aspect of a job, even before getting into one! Common Entrance Exams or CET’s as commonly known are best left to online test series portals. The primary reason for it being that such exams papers are time-consuming to check, the answers are usually the same (unless of course, there are sets involved) and that the students taking them are vast in numbers. Other well-known exams like product knowledge tests, promotion tests or simply one to know where you stand academically can also be taken.


Apart from the well-known facts of professional skills tests, here are some of the best-kept secrets that you may be unaware of:


  1. No software required: professional skills tests are user-friendly, time saving and they require no downloads or installations. The entire process is as simple as logging into the account, choosing a test, completing and submitting it and then getting the results. This makes it easy instead of opting for tests which require software downloading and other means before getting started.


  1. Privacy: the complete process of professional skills test is uncomplicated, simple and yes, secret. Nobody except the system and you are aware about the tests you give. This gives a lot of assurance to the individual as he knows that the results are not displayed anywhere. Furthermore, it adds to it, when the system also allows the user to access the mistakes that were noted in the test, giving him an insight on corrections requires.


  1. Compatible with most formats: if an individual is unable to take the test on his computer, professional skills test eases the process by allowing him to choose from a number of compatible platforms like Macs, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome books and several others. This broadens the aspect of taking tests just about anywhere, be it an office, home or while on your way to work. The compatibility factor also helps those who live overseas who may not have technologies like laptops and computers in their homes however, basic android phones are now available everywhere and are cheap, too.


  1. Send tests to multiple users: a single test can be sent to a number of users who require taking it. This is possible by emailing the test to all, if the matter is common or alternatively, it can also be put into a common test bank, where individuals can access them as desired. This is particularly useful for multiple test papers, where the system allows users to pick a random test each time.


  1. Automatic grading and track keeping: tests that are finished and submitted by individuals are graded by the system itself. To put this into place, when a test is first created, the expert needs to feed in the correct answers to all the questions once. Going ahead, the system cross-checks the answers in the paper with those provided by the expert, compares and grade it. It also has a function of keeping track of those tests already finished and shows you the progress made.


Thus, using these secret facts, you can get more out of online skills tests. However, no matter what the feature, it is of the best advantage when one takes tests regularly and also keeps a track of the progress made from time-to-time.


Some online skills website  also allows the user some more additional features like defining test settings, exam branding and making digital certificates and creating assistants who can manage their accounts.