Creative ways to improve efficiency of Online Skills Test

The benefits of online skills tests are numerous. These tests are great for those appearing for tests like CET or any other common test, for job interviews or simply to determine the knowledge a person carries about a company or product. Lately professional skills tests are also widely used in companies to train their employees as the process becomes much faster, easier and gives great results. Online skills tests do not need to be monitored by anyone. Also, after taking the test one does not need to correct it and determine how much an individual has scored. It can be determined by the system after feeding in the right answers to the test.


To make the process even more fun, Online Test Series Portals now offer additions like games, quizzes and other fun activities than can be taken along with the test. Studies have shown that such activities and add-on improve concentration, reasoning power, enhance decision making skills and sharpen the overall mental growth of a person.


The latest trend of online skills test platform is that it offers a number of online quizzes, both in audio and video formatted which can easily be created with the available tools on their website.


The features of the same are as listed below:


  1. Quizzes can be made fun by creating them in a number of formats. Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Match the Following, Short Essay, etc.are some of the options available. One can also opt for a combination of these to add character to the test format.


  1. The creator (employer) can resort to using MS Word or MS Excel for creating these tests. One is also capable of importing tests form other MS Word or MS Excel documents.


  1. To add dimension, a number of images, videos and audios (narration & text-to-speech) can be incorporated in the created quizzes. This allows the user to use various methods to finish the test and allows the creator to understand the creative factor of the individual.


  1. For math, physics and chemistry papers and problems, one can opt for symbols and denominations like for addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to make it more realistic.


  1. For a relatively large group of individuals, the creator can opt for a mixed bank of questions which the system then randomly divides amongst the individual. This method reduces risk of cheating and leaking of questions. Similarly, domain hosting limitation or passwords can be used to control access to the system, which also helps to avoid risks.


  1. As mentioned earlier, the system can be fed with the right answers and once the test is submitted by an individual, the system itself corrects the answers. This prevents energy and time-consumption on part of the employer. The system also calculates the total marks and reveals the pass or fails percentage accurately.


  1. One can also add time limit and increase the complexity factor each time a new test is created.


  1. With built-in themes, the user can choose as per their desire. One can also change the font sizes, colors, backgrounds, sounds, etc. as per requirement.


Lastly, online skills tests quizzes can also be shared on popular networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. One can also opt for flash quizzes or upload them to web or LMS if required. Once the results are revealed, the creator has the option of sending them directly to the individual’s email id. He can also track results online and inform the users about the same.


All these factors work efficiently in creating quizzes for online skills tests rather flawlessly.