How to pursue an important exam using Professional skills tests (SAT or ACT?)

Owing to the wide number of colleges and even wider number of applicants and career options abroad, it is essential to figure out a way to mainstream them. Since most students generally do not have a clear picture about how to choose their preferred stream for future education, it makes sense to decide on a common platform to grade the students on, so that they have a clearer picture.


In respect to this, all schools in the United States today have 2 major exams that candidates can choose from viz. ACT and SAT. This ensures that a fair chance is given to all and the results often recompense for differences in high school curriculum, grade increase or decrease and eminence of teaching. The tests are also a predictor which helps in deciding how an individual may fare in his first year of college.


Professional skills tests help in preparing for these exams by allowing students to take tests on relevant topics and discussing their errors.




The ACT or American College Testing Assessment helps to test your skills in English, math, reading and science reasoning. The test gives each candidate a timespan of 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete and features a range of multiple choice questions. English, science reasoning and reading section comprise of 5 to 15 questions each while math is made of 60 questions having 5 possible answers.


The total test result in ACT ranges between 1-36 and the average student scores in the 17-23 point range. Assessment in ACT is done by checking the number of correct answers and then comparing them against test-takers on a national-scale.


Online skills test help to take similar tests online and prepare on the basis of how the final exam shall be. Along with this, one can also set a time limit to the professional skills test to get better results.




Scholastic Assessment Test or SATs as commonly known are one of the most popular entrance tests taken before getting in to college. The test helps to determine students’ abilities in sections like math, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. 3 verbal and 1 experimental section make the body of the test, where in math and verbal comprise of various question types like quantitative comparisons, sentence completions, grid-ins and so on. The experimental section completely depends on the examiner and one may not be aware which section it is.


Today, there are online test series portals which allow potential candidates to view and take similar tests in various domains. These tests can be taken anywhere by logging in to the website and selecting the relevant topic.


SATs are graded between 200-800 for math and verbal sections and the average stands on 500.


As compared to ACT, SAT has a completely different and free style manner, in case of its format. The multiple choice questions in SAT are teamed with a batch of problem solving questions and essay responses. Made up on 67 different individual questions, the SAT exams aims at sentence completion and reading comprehensions. The test has a time-span of 70 minutes which is divided in to two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute.


By using online skills test platforms, one can groom oneself for taking a SAT or ACT exam efficiently. The test also helps in reducing nervousness by building confidence, eliminating doubts and helps to keep a tract of time while taking the actual test.