5 outrageous Ideas For Your Recruiter Career

Recruiting is the toughest job in any organization. You have to search for the right candidate for your company and lure them into joining your organization. Often, it happens that the candidate appears for the interview, clears all the rounds, accepts the offer letter and the final day of joining, called up to inform that due to some “unavoidable” circumstance they will not be able to join. This puts you in a soup. Hence, it becomes all the more vital to interview the right candidate.


Today, we are going to discuss 5 outrageous ideas that you can try out in your career.


  • 10-15 seconds out of the box commercials: to lure the right candidate in joining your organization, try out a wacky commercial. Audio visual media has better impact on people looking out for a job. Tell the entire story of your organization in a few seconds. Make the video witty, interesting and innovative. At the end of it, provide your contact details, asking them to join your organization. You can highlight that in your company, work and play goes hand in hand.


  • Use an RV: Your Company is sure to have competitors who are better at what you do. Instead of getting jealous, use this opportunity to hire better employees? Wondering how that is possible? Simple, hire an RV wrap it up with a banner mentioning that your company is hiring candidates. Park the RV in the parking lot of your competitors company. Wait for lunchtime when the employees will come out. Trust us; you will be surprised at the number of employees willing to change their job.


  • Hand out recruiting cards: an age old practise, this still holds relevance today. All you need to do is get the recruiting cards printed, get a guy posted in popular joints who will hand over the cards. An easy and effective way. And yes don’t forget to make the card wacky and offbeat. Select some design that will attract the individual’s attention.


  • Employee referral rewards: lure your existing employees to get more people to join you. Offer employee referral rewards to all those employees who will successfully get an individual to join your organization. However, the individual referred has to be good in his field. The referral will be given only after the individual joins and stays in the company for the first 6 months, not before that.


  • Billboards: a popular mode of adverting, billboards are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Keep the wording to a minimum and provide the correct contact details. Get the billboards posted on busy freeways near your office location. That way it will be easier to get the desired result.


With the ever increasing competition, it is getting tough to find the right candidate. And even if you get the candidate, you have to make sure that they continue working with your organization. Hiring a candidate is not a onetime effort. It is a continuous job where the recruiter acts as a midway between the company and the employee.

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