10 outrageous ideas for your right human resources

Human resource is crucial- a team that can make or break a company or organization in more ways than one. A human resource team needs to be tactful to manage the issues of the employees, cater to their needs and requirements, be diligent, a good listener, an efficient problem-solver and lastly perform all of this keeping in mind the policies, rules, norms and principles of the company. The team is rightfully known as the backbone of an organization, as it manages its most important asset- the employees. Furthermore, scrutinizing, selecting and recruiting the right candidate for the right job, as the need arises are one of the human resource departments’ most vital functions.

Apart from the millions of ideas used by Human Resource departments all over the world, here are 10 outrageous choices made by them which are anything but ordinary-


  1. Create efficient and accurate tests: Going back to college, we used to get graded as per tests. So why make work any different? Good human resources’ personnel need to understand the job descriptions and more importantly its specification, to sum up a detailed test to source the right employee.
  1. Get tailor-made tests: To make matters simpler, take the assistance of experts who understand the job profile and can create a much better test to understand a candidate’s knowledge and skills as per the requirement.
  1. Ensure a valid reference: If a candidate scores well on your test, offer a certificate so it is an addition to the person’ resume.
  1. Ensure easy access: Create online tests that an individual can take in the convenience of his own home at his own time. This saves time for both him as well as the organizations and makes recruitments faster and easier.
  1. Self-assessment: In case of online tests, after reviewing it, send a file back to the candidate mentioning his errors so he is aware of it.
  1. Use an online platform: Use online test websites to prepare tests, take them or simply create tests. Test your skills or TYS is one such online testing platform which has everything under one roof!
  1. Set a level to determine: On the level of the score obtained, one can know the right position an employee is suitable for. For example, an individual scoring 15 out of 50 may be good as an employee, about 25 for an executive position, 35 maybe an assistant manager and anything beyond that for a manager.
  1. Define parameters: As per the job role and criteria, create accurate parameters to get the right candidate.
  1. Create blogs: Blog posts stating information about the type of employees (already a part of the organizations) and other details help individuals get a picture of what is expected.
  1. Be fair: Create the online test in a way that it does not distinguish any individual so the final results are clear, precise and fair.

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