How to enhance your learning with online test series portals

Many view online test series portals as a medium for only giving entrance tests and various types of examinations. As an expert, people view it as a ‘job’ of creating tests, while recruiters use online skills tests as a mere medium to procure diverse human talent. However, over a period of time, online test series portals have become much more than that.


Today, online portals have tests designed for every aspect and every subject in the job industry. Even odd professions now have a decent number of exams available which can be taken to view one’s strengths and finally assist in procuring a good job. Such websites also help in designing custom made tests, have exam banks for storing pre-created tests and boast of several additional features which make the process of taking an online exam much better, detailed and focused towards the final goal.


One of the newest features of online skills test is using them for learning, growth and development. Tests are already available on the internet across various online testing platforms that can be used for a similar purpose. Use these wonderful ways to get the best out of online test series portals:

Use these wonderful ways to get the best out of online test series portals:


  • Know who takes the tests: Tests can be created in a number of formats and pertaining to a wide range of subjects. This can be enhanced further for both the expert and the employer. The feature allows one to know the person on the other end who shall be taking the test and thus, bridges the gap between the two. It also allows the test creator to detail the test on basis of what the candidate expects i.e. if a test is for a doctor; it can be designed if the person on the other side is a dentist or a heart surgeon accordingly. This makes for a good learning curve.


  • Invite others: Online testing platforms allow the expert or the employer to upload the test on cloud or any similar universal platform. This means that more people can access it and learn from the exam. An automated invite can be sent to a bunch of people who may take the test if interested. This function is great for getting in touch with potential candidates, after which one can approach them if they fare well.


  • Self-assistance: Online skills test platforms allow users to self-register themselves. This means no long forms to fill or documentation to do before taking a test. The process is also kept short and crisp so the individual can get to take his test without wasting much time.


  • No boundary to learning: With the tests being user-friendly and easily accessible on tabs, mobiles, laptops and desktops, there is no limitation to how and where a user chooses to learn. Also, the tests can be easily taken at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world adding a boon to learning and gaining knowledge.


  • Self-learn and self-teach: An individual has the opportunity to self-learn at his/her own space and time. Going ahead, he can also set time limits to check his speed and grade himself. This self-learning process goes a long way in building self-confidence.


  • No distractions: With no pencils, pens and paper and of course no fellow students alongside, there is minimal distraction in the process of online learning. The tests are designed keeping individual growth as the key factor.


  • Embedding exams and tests: One can easily embed the exams on their own website for ease of operation.


  • Token of appreciations: The automated test process creates certificates online which can be emailed to the students. This created a sense of achievement and makes learning fun.


Thus, online testing platforms go a long way with individual learning, growth and development. The subjects can be chosen and tests can be picked out randomly from an ‘exam bank’ to determine the growth structure of oneself. This makes learning simple, fun and easy.