5 Surprisingly useful facts about Online Skills Test

Globalization has changed the world we live in. It has not only made processes faster and easier but also added a fun element to it. It has increased efficiency that our everyday lives required, and in the process has broadened the prospects for other aspects, too. Whatever the case, the concept as a whole has definitely resulted in the growth of multiple other ideas.

One such revolution is that of online skills tests. A wonderful concept designed to make processes like recruitment, tests, examinations, internal product knowledge assessment easy, it is slowly but gradually revealing many more segments it can be useful in, too.

Given below are 5 useful facts of online skills tests we were unaware of:

  1. Live coverage of examinations: Apart from just setting papers online and accessing those, one can opt for live coverage of professional skills tests. The feature allows one to see live tests, IP addresses of those who are taking it, the details of the browser used along with the operating system and many other details. To take it a step further, one can also choose to get ‘push’ notifications about any upcoming exam information. Live exam monitoring is also possible.
  1. Multiple test candidates: In certain cases like entrance exams or semester exams, there arises a situation in which there is a large group of students who appear for a test. In such cases, it becomes difficult and time-consuming to grade the papers of all candidates. To make matters simpler, career skills assessment tests provides the option of grading all their question papers as per on fixed format i.e. as per the answers fed into the system. This is beneficial especially for campus recruitment and performance-based tests, where the content for papers is usually the same.
  1. Perfect for self-study: A user can choose questions and topics and design question papers that can be stored in a question bank. Later, he can view papers or just have the system choose random questions for him and attempt the same. He can also choose tutor or test mode as per his preference before taking a test. The method is flawless for self-study and one can even opt for filters like incorrect or flagged questions, to prevent the repetition of questions. Lastly, the system also allows a user to check his performance on previous online skills tests to determine his progress.
  1. Make it colorful: Both the users i.e. admin and the candidate can choose from a variety of themes to improve the look. Branding is also possible by changing the header, footer, menus, buttons and backgrounds to make it more interactive. Lastly, one can also preview it before applying.
  1. SMS: One may choose to send SMS’s from their account to candidates. You may also personalize it by including name, username, and passwords of candidates.

So, the next time you decide to take or create an online skills test, ensure you use some or all of these features to make the best of it!