You could be the expert

Create a test, share your knowledge and expertise : If you are an expert in any walk of life, from genetics to gemology, ballet to ballistics or from poetry to pottery, you can contribute to this portal. Here is a seamless opportunity for you to become an agent of knowledge and to give the benefit of your expertise to people anywhere in the world. At the same time your valuable knowledge will also earn well deserved returns as you get paid for every test you create.

You could build tests in your subject and upload them here. You could structure tests to grade different levels of skills. These will be used by anybody from any corner of the world to evaluate their competency in your subject. You will also evaluate the candidates who take your tests. As they benefit from your knowledge, you get to earn money for the test you have created. It thus gives you an opportunity to exhibit your knowledge to the world and to put yourself in the company of respected experts the world over.

As an expert you can:

  • Create tests in your domain
  • Publish tests on this portal
  • Assess candidates
  • Get paid for your contribution in knowledge building


  • You can freely create your own tests.
  • You can upload the tests on the portal.
  • You get well paid for the tests you create. This proves to be a significant source of income.
  • You don’t have to disturb your present profession and routine. You can create tests at your convenience.
  • You get recognized in your area of expertise.