If you know it, the world should know you know it.

It’s a world of competition. It’s a world where self esteem and societal approval mean a whole lot. But it is also a world that demands proof of your skills and knowledge. If you can convince yourself and the world of your skills, it can do wonders to your confidence and self esteem.

Little Jenna would love to show off her remarkable sense of fashion to guests. Mrs. Akiyama would want her neighborhood to know her prowess in Technical Analysis. Nikhil hopes to win over his bosses in the Blue Chip company to give him the job profile of Project Head. And they all want that quintessential nod from somebody whose word the world accepts.

Test Your Skills is all about getting one’s skills assessed by an expert. This is a worldwide portal that brings together an extensive array of online tests in diverse subjects created by subject matter experts. It works at different levels in that it can be used by individuals to ratify their skills in a certain area, by experts who can contribute to different tests by creating tests in their domain and recruiters, either companies directly or placement agencies who can use these tests to grade and identify human resources accordingly.

So basically you can use this platform as:

  • Candidate – who takes tests in various subjects for their own sense of accomplishment or for upward social and professional mobility
  • Expert – who applies his domain expertise to build the tests for financial returns
  • Recruiter – who uses the tests to tap the right human resources. It could be companies or placement agencies.

Test Your Skills disregards geographical boundaries, age, gender, profession. You could be a student, businessperson, employed, unemployed, young, old, in love with life or bored, married or divorced, romantic or cynical… All it intends to give you is concrete and reliable ratification of your skills.
It’s about confidence. It is about self esteem. It is about accomplishment. Test Your Skills is also about earning money.